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Daily Current Affairs of 07th and 08th January 2024 in English

Daily Current Affairs of 07th and 08th January 2024 in English

Daily Current Affairs of 07th, 08th January 2024 in English, Latest News Updates, Daily News Highlights, Current Events Digest, News Headlines Today,


Daily Current Affairs of 07th, 08th January 2024, witnessed a series of significant events across various domains, ranging from infrastructure development to geopolitical concerns, cultural celebrations, and scientific discoveries. Here's an in-depth look at the noteworthy occurrences of the day.

Top Current Affairs and News Headlines – January 07, 08, 2024

International News

Building Bridges: A Personal Touch to India-Nepal Relations

During his two-day visit to Nepal, India's External Affairs Minister (EAM) S. Jaishankar not only solidified diplomatic ties but also added a personal touch to the relations. The 7th India-Nepal Joint Commission meeting was a pivotal event, culminating in a landmark accord for India to import 10,000 MW of hydroelectricity from Nepal over the next decade. In a gesture of goodwill, India also announced a financial package of Nepali Rs 1,000 crore (USD 75 million) for rebuilding infrastructure in areas affected by the 2015 earthquake.

Snow Leopards and Symbolism in Kyrgyzstan

In a move that goes beyond conservation, Kyrgyzstan declared the snow leopard as its national symbol. This symbolic act by President Zhaparov not only recognizes the natural wealth and cultural prosperity associated with this magnificent creature but also underscores its role as a vital indicator of mountain ecosystem health.

Sheikh Hasina’s Fifth Term Victory: A Milestone in Bangladesh

Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina secured her fifth term in a significant electoral victory. With the Awami League, under her leadership, securing more than half of the parliamentary seats, Sheikh Hasina continues to make history as the world’s longest-serving female head of government.

State News

Delhi’s Economic Surge: Beyond Numbers to Quality of Life

Delhi's per capita income soared by over 14%, reaching Rs 4,44,768 in the current fiscal year. Beyond economic figures, the Statistical Handbook-2023 highlights the city’s outstanding progress in public services, public transportation, and the electric vehicle revolution. The 7,200 buses on Delhi’s streets, including 1,300 electric buses, depict a city moving towards a sustainable and inclusive future.

West Bengal’s GI Triumph: Stories Behind the Tags

West Bengal secured Geographical Indication (GI) tags for unique products, preserving cultural and agricultural heritage. From the coveted GI tag for Sunderbans honey ('Mouban') to the recognition of Black Nunia Rice ('Prince of Rice') and distinctive sarees (Tangail, Gorod, and Kadiyal), these tags tell stories of local communities, agricultural richness, and textile heritage.

Tamil Nadu’s Vision 2030: Human-Centric Development

Tamil Nadu's $1 trillion economy vision by 2030, unveiled during the Global Investors Meet, goes beyond numbers. Chief Minister MK Stalin's strategic plan focuses on holistic growth, human capital development, innovation, transparency, and sustainability. The aim is to create prosperity across all regions while prioritizing climate consciousness.

Banking News

RBI’s Financial Stability Report: A Resilient Banking Sector

The Reserve Bank of India's 28th Financial Stability Report (FSR) paints a picture of resilience in the Indian banking sector. With Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) showcasing strength in capital ratios and low non-performing assets, the report provides insights into the sector's robustness amid global and domestic economic conditions.

Business News

VinFast’s $2 Billion Bet on Tamil Nadu: A Greener Future

Vietnamese electric vehicle giant VinFast Auto Ltd's announcement of a $2 billion investment in Tamil Nadu signifies a bold step toward a greener future. With plans to establish an integrated electric vehicle facility, VinFast aims to contribute significantly to India’s automobile market and sustainability goals.

Important Days News

African National Congress Foundation Day: A Journey Against Oppression

The African National Congress (ANC) celebrated its Foundation Day on January 8, commemorating its establishment in 1912. Beyond historical significance, this day reflects the ANC's enduring commitment to uniting African people, defending their rights, and standing against centuries of exploitation.

Earth’s Rotation Day: Celebrating Our Dynamic Planet

Earth’s Rotation Day, observed on January 8, serves as a reminder of the pivotal discovery of Earth’s rotation. This day, dedicated to Léon Foucault’s groundbreaking experiment, encourages a deeper understanding of our planet’s dynamics and celebrates the curiosity that drives scientific exploration.

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