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Daily Current Affairs of 14th November 2023 in English

Daily Current Affairs of 14th November 2023 in English

Latest News Updates, Daily News Highlights, Current Events Digest, News Headlines Today, Top Daily News, Breaking News Highlights Daily Current Affairs 2023


Daily Current Affairs of November 14, 2023, witnessed a series of significant events across various domains, ranging from infrastructure development to geopolitical concerns, cultural celebrations, and scientific discoveries. Here's an in-depth look at the noteworthy occurrences of the day.

Top 22 Current Affairs and News Headlines – November 14, 2023

National News

1. PM Modi’s Endeavor: PM-PVTG Mission and Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra on Janjatiya Gaurav Diwas

  • Holistic Development: Aiming to uplift 28 lakh Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs).
  • Tribute to Birsa Munda: Launch coincides with the birth anniversary of the tribal freedom fighter.
  • Nationwide Aspiration: Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra strives for the saturation of government schemes.

International News

2. Diplomatic Harmony: S. Jaishankar’s Five-Day UK Visit

  • Strengthening Ties: Focus on fortifying India-UK diplomatic relations.
  • Strategic Dialogues: Discussions with Foreign Secretary Sir James Cleverly on crucial diplomatic issues.
  • Collaborative Fronts: Anticipation of diverse collaborations for enhanced diplomatic strength.

State News

3. Geographical Indication Triumph: Uttarakhand’s Unique Products Recognized

  • GI Recognition: Over 15 products, including Mandua and Jhangora, receive prestigious GI tags.
  • Sustainable Farming Boost: GI recognition to promote eco-friendly farming practices.
  • Cultural Preservation: Focus on preserving the rich cultural and agricultural heritage.

Economy News

4. Market Adjustments: Goldman Sachs Upgrades India, Downgrades China

  • Strategic Shift: Indian equities upgraded due to market appeal and growth prospects.
  • Concerns for China: Downgrade of Hong Kong-listed Chinese companies amid low earnings growth.
  • Sectoral Analysis: Detailed examination includes technology, healthcare, and renewable energy.

5. Growth Outlook: Morgan Stanley Forecasts 6.5% Growth for India’s Economy

  • Demographic Dividend: Forecast based on factors like demographic dividend and infrastructure investments.
  • Digital Advancements: Emphasis on National Infrastructure Pipeline and digital infrastructure.
  • Resilience Acknowledged: Moody’s applauds India’s resilience, projecting a growth of 6.7% for 2023.

6. Inflation Insights: Retail Inflation at 4-Month Low of 4.87% in October

  • Economic Support: Decline attributed to a supportive economic base and moderation in non-food prices.
  • Policy Breathing Room: Below RBI’s upper limit, providing policymakers with room for maneuver.
  • Balancing Act: Highlighting the delicate balance between economic growth and price stability.

Business News

7. Connecting the Unconnected: Jio and OneWeb Secure Licenses For Satellite Internet Services

  • Digital Inclusion: DoT grants ISP licenses for seamless satellite and terrestrial integration.
  • Bridging Divides: VSAT technology for direct connections, addressing the digital divide.
  • Empowering Regions: Focus on internet access, digital literacy, and skill development in underserved areas.

8. Sustainable Skies: Asia-Pacific Airlines Aim For 5% Green Fuel Usage By 2030

  • Environmental Commitment: AAPA targets 5% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) usage.
  • Holistic Approach: Emphasis on a comprehensive strategy, irrespective of feedstock and pathway.
  • Global Alignment: Indian government’s plan aligns with international sustainability efforts.

Important Days News

9. Diabetes Dialogue: World Diabetes Day 2023

  • Access to Care: Theme involves discussions on affordability and accessibility of diabetes care.
  • Honoring Discoverers: Celebrating the birthday of insulin co-discoverer Sir Frederick Banting.
  • Global Recognition: United Nations' recognition since 2006, highlighting the global impact of diabetes.

10. Children’s Rights: Children’s Day 2023

  • Every Right Matters: Theme emphasizes upholding the rights of every child worldwide.
  • Inclusive Initiatives: Programs include scholarships, healthcare campaigns, and awareness drives.
  • Historical Transition: From “Flower Day” to Children’s Day, coinciding with Nehru’s birthday in 1954.

Schemes News

11. Empowering Diversity: Government Unveils Financial Incentive For Divyang Individuals

  • Inclusive Finance: One percent interest rate rebate for divyang borrowers through NDFDC.
  • Financial Inclusion: Strategic step to alleviate financial burdens and address unique challenges.
  • Promoting Responsibility: Fostering responsible financial practices within the divyang community.

12. Farmers’ Autonomy: Govt Introduces PM Kisan Bhai To Break Traders’ Monopoly

  • Market Empowerment: PMKisan Bhai (Bhandaran Incentive) supports farmers in storing produce.
  • Autonomy Assurance: Empowering farmers to decide when to sell, breaking traders’ monopoly.
  • Post-Harvest Control: Scheme allows farmers to retain crops for a minimum of three months post-harvest.

Summits & Conferences News

13. Energy Dialogues: 6th India-OPEC Energy Dialogue High-Level Meeting in Vienna

  • Energy Stability: Emphasis on ensuring global energy market stability through availability and affordability.
  • Open Discussions: Deliberations centered around crucial oil and energy market issues.
  • India’s Role: Highlights India’s significant role in global energy dialogues.

14. Trade Fair Commences: 42nd India International Trade Fair 2023 in New Delhi

  • Interconnected Growth: Event theme “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” emphasizes interconnectedness for sustainable growth.
  • Diverse Participation: Partner States Bihar and Kerala, Focus States Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh contribute to the event.
  • Inaugural Momentum: Union Minister Anupriya Patel inaugurates the fourteen-day fair, setting the stage for collaborative trade.

15. Regional Peace Advocacy: Islamic Arab Summit in Riyadh

  • Cease Aggression: Summit emphasizes an immediate cessation of Israeli aggression.
  • Peace Principles: Advocates a just, durable, and comprehensive peace based on international legitimacy.
  • Arab Peace Initiative: Support for the Arab Peace Initiative underlined for regional stability.

Ranks & Reports News

16. Data-Driven Insight: SIDBI Introduces ‘Sumpoorn’ MSME Economic Activity Index With Jocata

  • MSME Assessment: High-frequency MSME Economic Activity Index introduced with Jocata collaboration.
  • Precise Insights: Utilizes monthly sales data from 50,000+ credit-seeking MSMEs for accurate assessments.
  • Shift to Objectivity: A move from subjective opinions to data-driven evaluations for comprehensive insights.

Appointments News

17. Judicial Reinforcement: Supreme Court Welcomes Three New Judges To Tackle Pending Cases

  • Expanded Strength: Induction of three judges takes Supreme Court’s strength to its sanctioned capacity.
  • Timely Resolution: Crucial step to ensure effective and timely resolution of the multitude of cases.
  • Judicial Balance: Delhi, Rajasthan, and Gauhati Chief Justices sworn in for a balanced judiciary.

18. Political Resurgence: Former PM David Cameron Appointed As The UK Foreign Secretary

  • Experienced Leadership: Rishi Sunak appoints David Cameron, leveraging his experience as the UK Foreign Secretary.
  • Broader Reshuffle: Political restructuring includes new Health Secretary and Environment Secretary.
  • Cameron’s Comeback: Reflects a political career revival for David Cameron in a prominent role.

19. AI Leadership: Mika Takes The Helm As CEO Of Dictador

  • AI Experiment: Mika, an AI-powered humanoid robot, appointed as experimental CEO of Dictador.
  • Non-Stop Operations: Operating 24/7, emphasizing data-driven decision-making aligned with strategic objectives.
  • Strategic Objectivity: Focus on unbiased and strategic choices for organizational benefit, guided by extensive data analysis.

Agreements News

20. Urban Development Boost: India And ADB Ink $400 Million Deal

  • Infrastructure Development: $400 million policy-based loan agreement with ADB for urban infrastructure.
  • Livable Cities: Aligns with government’s strategy to create livable cities and centers of economic growth.
  • Water Security Emphasis: Programmatic focus on urban water security through innovative and sustainable measures.

Obituaries News

21. Culinary Icon’s Passing: Lala Kedarnath Aggarwal of Bikanervala Passes Away At 86

  • Visionary Founder: Lala Kedarnath Aggarwal, founder of Bikanervala, passes away, leaving a culinary legacy.
  • Exquisite Delicacies: Bikanervala gains popularity for its exquisite sweets and snacks.
  • Culinary Heritage Mourned: The legacy of culinary heritage in Bikaner remembered on his passing.

Miscellaneous News

22. Art Auction Triumph: Picasso’s ‘Woman With A Watch’ Sells For Record $139 Million

  • Art Market Record: Picasso’s “Femme à la montre” sold for a record-breaking $139 million at a Sotheby’s auction.
  • Second in History: The second most expensive Picasso painting ever auctioned, and the highest-selling artwork in 2023.
  • Historical Portrait: The painting, a portrait of Marie-Thérèse Walter, considered one of Picasso’s most important works.

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